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About Escort Ireland

Escortireland.com is Ireland's most famous escort advertising website. Escort Ireland was established in 1999 to help independent escorts to advertise their services on the internet. Before Escort Ireland was created the Irish escort scene was primarily advertised in the print magazine 'In Dublin' which halted escort advertising around the same time.

From its conception in 1999 the ownership of Escort Ireland and the family of escort websites associated with it has changed hands a number of times, each time with the new owners revamping the website and implementing new technologies. Only recently though has the website made its largest transformation to become part of one of the UK's most exciting new media companies with a professional and experienced staff ready and willing to improve upon the already very successful escort website.

We are a reputable and established limited company registered in England & Wales who specialise in online escort marketing. Our aim for the future of Escort Ireland is to maintain its position as the leading provider of escort advertising in Ireland while expanding the number of visitors to the site and offering a wider range of services to both the escorts who advertise and the punters who visit the site.

The most recent update to the Escort Ireland website took place in October 2009, which saw a complete revamp of the website. We introduced a number of new features on the website that will improve the browsing experience of both punters and escorts in ireland.


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Email: escortireland@gmail.com